We believe there is nothing more important or fundamental to our freedom than those unique individuals who risk it all defending our freedom. Every American that sleeps at night, goes to work every day, enjoys recreation with family, owes their sincere gratitude and respect to those that serve our great Nation.

We feel Signature Dealer Group can offer great opportunities for our returning soldiers transitioning back to the civilian workforce. For those that have mechanical aptitude and enjoy working with their hands, we have our Technician Apprentice Program with several levels of entry based on your skill and experience. Or perhaps you enjoy engaging with people and want to pursue a career in sales and management. We have salary-based entry sales positions with training and significant potential for bonus income.

Our associates are happy to assist you in developing your new skills after all you have done for us.

We know our servicemen and women bring significant life experience to the table and we set our base pay taking your service accomplishments into account. Don’t settle, come talk to us about a real career opportunity that offers great compensation, medical benefits, 401K and upward mobility. We want “you” in our industry to share in the American Dream you worked so hard to protect.

Thank you for your service to our Country,

Bill Reilly,

Signature Dealer Group, Inc.


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